Jim and Dawn

Jim and DawnWhen Jim married his wife, Dawn, more than three decades ago, it was a package deal. "I became father to a poodle mix with anger problems and a cheerful corgi," he recalls.

As more dogs wagged their way into the couple's home over the years, other animals also took up residence in Jim and Dawn's hearts. Jim has a special concern for such animals as elephants, whales, polar bears and gorillas, while Dawn dreams of a day when pet overpopulation and cruelty don't exist. "Animal cruelty in all forms—from dogfighting to factory farms—isn't just an animal issue," she observes. "It speaks to our values and character as a species."

Their' estate plan accordingly reflects their shared love for pets, respect for all creatures and connection with nature. "We wanted to include an organization with an impeccable reputation, a history of documented results, a tradition of cost-effectiveness and absolutely dedicated leadership and support personnel," says Dawn.


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