Gigi“I have always felt a very close connection to all animals,” says Gigi. A self-professed “Army brat,” Gigi says dogs and cats were always in tow during her family’s multiple moves. As a girl, she helped turtles cross busy roads; as an adult, she still watches for them.

“Humans are responsible for so many evil and unjust actions in the world today,” Gigi observes. “I would much rather spend my time with animals instead. My cats are my companions and give me unconditional love.”

Gigi credits her HSUS membership with educating her on animal-welfare issues and giving her tools to fight for animals. She advocates for African elephants and rhinos, and the widespread mistreatment of factory-farmed animals has prompted her to adopt a more plant-based diet.

She looks forward to volunteering additional time to animal causes when she retires from her position as an administrative assistant. Gigi also has a special interest in passing on her passion: “We must educate children to the wonders of animals... and how to treat them kindly and with care, so that they can carry on the work when my generation is gone.”

Gigi’s commitment also takes a financial form. She makes modest monthly gifts to the HSUS and has included the organization in her will. “It only makes sense to me to give back to these beings that have brought me such joy in my lifetime,” Gigi says. “I can’t think of any other way I would rather leave this life than to help animals.”

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