GeorgieAfter retiring from a career as a physical education teacher, long-time HSUS member Georgie now devotes her energies to weaving. In addition to fabric, she’s created a life that also makes ample room for animals. Over the years, she’s welcomed 15 small terriers into her home and has been active in animal rescue and spay/neuter efforts in her hometown of Marquette, Michigan.

Georgie and her dogs have even earned near-celebrity status as they travel through town on her bike. (Three, she notes, is the perfect number to transport with the help of a handlebar basket and carriers mounted on the back wheel, with security lines for their safety.) “My guys love the biking,” she says. “If they could jump in on their own, they would. For most pets, as long as they are with you, all is right in their world.”

“My interest and love for animals is deep-rooted and constant,” she says. So when she saw a television commercial that promoted a match for gifts to the HSUS, Georgie looked into the organization and was pleased with what she learned. “I try to check an organization I support for credibility in administrative costs versus hands-on work. The HSUS passed that test.”

Georgie has since decided to include a provision for the Humane Society of the United States in her will. Weaving a legacy for animals “I feel that my mission is to help animals as much as I am able,” she says. With her current and future support, Georgie is ensuring that the HSUS can continue to celebrate animals and confront cruelty for years to come.

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